Chausse Credits Teachers with His Success

 – For David Prouty High School Panther of the Month Daniel Chausse, his teachers not only facilitated his development at Prouty but also helped pave the way for his future.

When Chausse, a senior from Spencer, first told English teacher Mark James that he wanted to attend Clark University in Worcester, James made it a mission to help him turn the goal into reality. Set to retire this summer after a long and rewarding career with the district, this was one of James’s final opportunities to impact a student’s career as he has done for decades.

“Mark James is a man who understands how my mind works. In the classroom, he helped me understand my weak points and sought to reinforce them,” Chausse said. “Mark James also played a huge role in my college application process. He often stayed after school with me solely to ensure that my college essay was flawless. When I first requested his assistance in writing my essay, he told me, ‘Dan, we’re getting you into Clark.’”

Since sophomore year, Chausse has been a member of the varsity soccer team. During the end of his sophomore campaign, he was elected secretary for the Class of 2017, and he has been in office ever since. He is also a member of Student Council, where he helps plan school-related events that have greatly helped Prouty’s overall turnaround this year.

With graduation right around the corner, Chausse and his classmates have had some time to reflect on their four years together, which really do go by as rapidly as seniors describe. He thanks all of his teachers and coaches for their constant support along the way.

“Throughout my time at David Prouty High School, I have been blessed with the opportunity to develop personal relationships with many of my teachers,” added Chausse, who is also a four-year member of Prouty’s Foreign Culture Club. “The two individuals who have had the greatest impact on my life are Kelly McCarthy and Mark James. Whenever I require assistance, I feel more than comfortable seeking guidance from Mrs. McCarthy, who is constantly pouring her being into the environment surrounding her.”

Chausse’s favorite subject is psychology. Looking ahead, he will major in business management at Clark University and eventually seek to obtain a master’s degree in business administration. As one chapter ends and the next is set to begin, Chausse has found himself in the bittersweet window of graduating seniors, a time of excitement and great memories but also a realization that the Class of 2017 will gather for the final time next month.

“In my time at high school, I have fostered many interpersonal relationships. The most rewarding part of my high school career has to be the vast knowledge of life which I have collected,” Chausse said. “Advice I would give an incoming Prouty freshman would be to have an open mind and utilize all of your available resources, which are bountiful at David Prouty.”

Outside of school, Chausse finds the time to train regularly in martial arts at Kensho Ryu Kenpo Karate, where he is currently a green-belt working on obtaining his brown belt. Growing up, his most important role model was his stepfather, Peter Chausse-Fahlbeck.

“He has helped shape me into the confident individual I am today,” Chausse said.

With another school year almost in the books, keep an eye out for our final Panther of the Monrh.