Superintendent Update: School Closure - Week of May 1st!

Remote Learning

Dear Parents, Families and Community Members,  

I hope this correspondence finds you and yours continuing to do well.  I am writing to provide you with a few quick updates before the weekend arrives... 

Operation Feed SEBRSD!  

The Spencer-East Brookfield Regional School District Director of Food Services reports that as of today, Friday, May 1st, 2020, we have delivered over 3,000 “Grab & Go” Meals to our students and their family members.  Many congratulations to everyone involved in making the vital program so successful!  

FREE meals for all students within the Spencer-East Brookfield Regional School District will be made available for ALL Students within the Spencer-East Brookfield Regional School District.  The schedule for the week of May 4th through 8th, 2020 includes the following locations and times. 

In Spencer, MA (10:30am – 11:15am) 

  • Mary Queen of the Rosary Church (Parking Lot)  at 60 Maple Street 
  • Richard Sugden Library (Rear of Building) at 8 Pleasant Street 

In East Brookfield MA (11:30am – 11:50pm) 

  • East Brookfield Baptist Church (Parking Lot) at 262 East Main Street 

In Spencer, MA (12:00pm – 12:15pm)

  1. 9 Bixby Road Housing Development  (This location is for residents only). 

How it works: 

  1. Drive Up and Let us know how many meals you would like. 
  2. Staff will provide you with the appropriate number of meals. 
  3. Drive off and have a nutritious day! 

Remote Learning  

As of March 30th, 2020, we have been providing work remotely to our students and to you as a family.  Our overarching goal since the closure of our school buildings has been to make remote learning opportunities more readily available and equitable for every single student of our regional school district as well as for you as parents/families. To access the District Remote Learning Opportunities, go to: Learn @Home anytime.  Please refer to SEBRSD's Remote Learning Website to view your students' specific school assigned learning opportunities each week. Additional suggestions for supporting students' remote learning can be viewed from our Student Services Webpage or our Student Services Information Bulletin.

Survey Results 

Thank you to every student, teacher and parent/family member who took part in our remote learning surveys.  We received over 300 responses and the feedback provided is helping us with reforming our remote learning experiences for all involved within the Spencer-East Brookfield Regional School District. 

  1. FREE Preschool for Spring 2020! As you are aware, we got our remote learning opportunities up and running by March 30th, 2020 for all students within the district. The decision has been made to make sure every preschool student in the Spencer-East Brookfield Regional School District is able to continue with remote learning opportunities – with their faculty and support staff - at no cost.  This decision means no parent or family needs to worry about any invoicing for the remainder of the spring, from the time of the closure of our preschool June 2020.  PreK parents/families please check your email for details.
  2. Picking up students’ personal belongings – Now that we are closed for the entire year, our students will need to clean out their lockers and retrieve their personal belongings.  We are working on a schedule that will enable us to get this done while upholding social distancing guidelines. More information on this will be forthcoming. 
  3. All School District Fields/Grounds Remain Closed – Earlier last week, I sent a message notifying everyone that all school buildings and grounds, including our tracks and tennis courts were closed. This action was taken to reinforce the importance of CDC Guidelines.   

Remote Learning Coming to Spencer Cable Access! 

The Spencer-East Brookfield Regional School District is joining forces with the Spencer Cable Access’ Channel 192 to create original, educational programming for students in grades PreK through 12. Dedicated teachers from across our regional school district have developed original video lessons, pulling content from their own lesson plans and sources to provide exceptional learning opportunities for Spencer-East Brookfield Regional School district students.  At this time, only Boston, and New Bedford, MA have such programming available to their students, making our regional school district the first of its kind in Massachusetts.  This opportunity to produce high quality programming would not be possible without the help of Spencer Cable Access and our faculty, staff and leadership team within the district.   

Celebrating the Class of 2020! 

Presently, there are a number of activities and unique opportunities that are in the planning stages.  Presently, we have received word that we have many commitments for our seniors: from entering the workforce right away to begin their careers in technology, agriculture, manufacturing and the like to college and university commitments and beginning their lives... Please join us in celebrating the David Prouty High School Class of 2020 this spring as they round the final leg of their secondary education by keeping an eye open for updates on all of the celebration activities we have planned.

Sharing the "Good Stuff"  

As mentioned in earlier Superintendent Updates, if parents or families want to take pictures of their students remote learning opportunities so we are able to post them online, we would love to have them to share!  Please continue to use the hashtag #SEBRSDLearnsTogether and #WeGotThis so we may post on Twitter.  As well, if you post pictures on Twitter yourself, just use the hashtag (@ChooseSEBRSD) or my personal twitter account (@pshaughey).  I would love to see them and re-tweet them as well as a share them on Facebook and Instagram, as well.  Let's do what we do best - Celebrate all of the outstanding work of our students here in SEBRSD!

Closing Thoughts  

It's been a very difficult and trying time for all of us since the closure of our school buildings some six weeks ago. We've been forced to adapt to a very new way of living and to invent ways to help us cope with our unique situations. Even though we've all been apart, the well-being of you and your families is first and foremost; and I look forward to the days when we can get back to some semblance of a “new normal.”  And while our school buildings are closed, please know that our hearts are open... Toward that end, if you think that any of us within the Spencer-East Brookfield Regional School District can be a source of support for your child (or you, for that matter), please don’t hesitate to reach out as you see fit.  As always, thank you for your continued partnership and support of the Spencer-East Brookfield Regional School District!!  #Progress #Unity #Knowledge  

Take care and be well.

Sincerely Yours,  

Paul S. Haughey, Ed.D.  

Superintendent of Schools