Foreign Language Club

Coordinator: Charles Kelly

This after-school club offers Latin to any interested Grade 6, 7, or 8 student who is not enrolled in a foreign language as a part of their daily school schedule. This club gives students the opportunity to explore another language and culture. The more you learn to communicate with other people, the better you will be able to live and work in a global society. Students will learn to express the following in the target language: how to greet people, how to count, how to tell the day and month of the year, how to identify and describe people and objects, how to express hunger and all vocabulary relating to meal times and foods from that culture, how to translate colors, how to describe one's health and to translate the parts of the body, etc. Fun skits dialogues, conversations and songs will be part of these weekly classes. In addition, interesting bits of culture revolving around national holidays, leisure time, name/feast days, gestures and cultural body language will be presented. Each individual language program lasts for six weeks and takes place after-school on Thursdays.