Curriculum, Instruction, and Assessment

Welcome to the Spencer-East Brookfield Regional School District Curriculum, Instruction, and Assessment Website! In the Spencer-East Brookfield Regional Schools, our district focus is on "teaching and learning with purpose" and experiences that promote our core values of progress, unity, knowledge, and continuous improvement. 

In order to meet our district's goals, this department is responsible for:

  • Professional development opportunities for the district
  • Curriculum review, revision, and alignment to MA state standards
  • Ongoing development and articulation of curriculum both vertically and horizontally
  • State and Federal Entitlement Grants and Competitive Grants in support of teaching and learning
  • New Teacher Induction and Mentor Programming
  • Support, resources, and professional development for the MA Educator Evaluation System
  • Evaluation and recommendations of instructional materials, methods, and programs to support curriculum
  • Analysis of student performance using multiple data sources
  • Coordination of community and parent engagement around teaching and learning
Curriculum Resources