Health Services

Welcome to the Health Services Department of the Spencer East Brookfield Regional School District. School nurses are an integral part of the professional educator team. Once focused only on the health of the school population, the school nursing role has now moved into a role that demands the training and expertise of professional school nurses to meet the complexities and multiple demands of the health problems of children today. It is our purpose to educate the public with information to develop concepts and skills that will allow them to make responsible health-related decisions, acquire health-related knowledge, and develop positive health attitudes and habits. Our ultimate goal is to aid students and their families to achieve their highest health and educational potential to sustain a complete state of wellness.

School nurses play an important role in enhancing the educational process by the modification or removal of health-related barriers to learning. It is our role as a school nurse to assess the needs of our population of children, develop care plans or programs to meet those needs, link health services with health education, and collaborate with teachers, health care providers, and community agencies to service these children. We as nurses, are driven to care for your children and will advocate in their best interest.

Staff Contacts

Name Title Phone
Danielle Breault DPHS Nurse (508) 885-8505
Maureen Dalton KTMS Nurse (508) 885-8550
Carrie Murphy WVS Nurse (508) 885-8524
Carrie Cashman
EBES Nurse (508) 885-8536