Mandated Training

Overview of Training

  • Annual training is mandated by the Massachusetts Department of Elementary and Secondary Education (DESE)
  • All employees are required to participate
  • This training protects individuals and the district and ensures that all employees know their rights and responsibilities
  • By offering the training through an online forum, it allows for educators to review the information at their own pace
  • If you have questions about any information contained herein, please contact your building principal, Director of Academic Affairs, or Director of Student Services
  • This site will be open until October 1st to provide you with enough time to complete.

Once all of the 10 following modules are complete, then click on the button below, which will lead you to the certification of training form.

  1. Acceptable Use Policy (CIPA Compliant)
  2. Policy on Facebook/Social Network Websites
  3. Social Media Guidelines
  4. Ethics: MA Conflict of Interest Law
  5. Bullying Prevention and Intervention
  6. Civil Rights and Section 504
  7. Confidentiality, Student Records, and 51A
  8. Harassment and Hazing
  9. De-Escalation / Physical Restraint
  10. Standard Precautions

Click Here for certification of training form.