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Provided by Mrs. Higgins and Mrs. Ryan

POSTED ON: MARCH 18, 2020 - 9:51AM

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Here is a link to a great resource for parents from Mrs. Higgins (posted on May 11, 2020):

Indoor Games and Activities to Get Children Moving

Hello Everybody! Happy Friday!

Another week has passed....hopefully you are all healthy and finding a way to stay safe and happy. We need to relax and have some fun in spite of all the difficult changes in our world. I have attached some excellent resources to encourage exactly that....fun and learning!!

The first website (The OT Toolbox) is something to do inside the house:

Step-by-step drawings :)

This is a great activity to work on visual-motor (eye-hand coordination), visual perception (putting shapes together), fine motor (holding and using a pencil), and putting all those skills together, visual-motor integration. Children need these skills to draw letters, write words, draw graphs, etc.

The second resource is something to do outside:

Sidewalk chalk drawing :)

All the great skills strengthened by drawing on paper are reinforced by drawing large. A wonderful bonus to drawing BIG outdoors is that the kiddos get lots of necessary movement in a fun way!! This kind of activity also improves a child's ability to motor plan; completing a task with steps from beginning to end. Children are required to motor plan tasks all day long from getting dressed to making a craft.

HAVE FUN with these ideas. Enjoy your weekend!

Mrs. Higgins

Posted on May 6, 2020 resources from Wendy Ryan, COTA, if you have any questions, please contact Wendy by email at ryanw@sebrsd.org:

Practice Writing Paper click here to download practice writing paper

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