School Committee

Our Mission

We provide dynamic learning opportunities that inspire, develop, and support all students.

Our Vision

Our students’ intellectual, social, physical, and creative education will prepare them to be citizens of an ever-changing global society.

Our Core Values

1. Respectful: We believe in creating a safe, secure learning environment where respect, honesty, and appreciation of individual differences are fostered.

2. Responsible: We believe that motivating students to become independent “self-directed” learners leads to taking responsibility for their own learning.

3. Ready to Learn: We believe that all students deserve the opportunity to come to school ready to learn and prepared for the experience each and every day as evidenced by their ability to be cooperative and always giving their “best” effort! To achieve these ends, students will:

  • Resourceful: Have the ability to find quick and clever ways to overcome challenges and difficulties.
  • Reflective: Have the ability to who reflect on things--that is, look back at things that have been done or said remains think calmly and quietly about them.
  • Courageous: Have the ability to be brave and take risks when presented with a challenge or difficulty.
  • Equity: Have the ability to provide others with what they need in a fair, equitable, and meaningful way - so they may access the teaching and learning opportunities of our regional school district.
  • Collaborative: Have the ability to work jointly with others “together,” especially in an intellectual endeavor!
  • Pride: Have the ability to demonstrate reasonable and justifiable self-respect for our schools and the community.
  • Safety (Health & Wellness): Have the ability to be free from harm or danger so that our learning environment remains safe and healthy places to learn and focused upon the promotion of healthy life choices/decisions.

The Spencer-East Brookfield Regional School Committee is an active member of the Massachusetts Association of School Committees.

Committee Members

Jason MonetteChairSpencer
Michael EthierVice ChairEast Brookfield
Patricia BergeronMemberSpencer
Martha BerthiaumeMemberSpencer
Heather MessierMemberEast Brookfield
Wendy Pelchat
Christopher WoodburyMemberSpencer

Staff Contacts

Missy FarrowRecording Secretary(508) 885-8500