Please review the billing policies below. These are strictly enforced.


Prepayment is required for all days that a student is enrolled for/attends. Payment for each month is due in full prior to the start of the month. A minimum deposit of one week’s tuition is due with registration form to secure enrollment.


As prepayment is required, arrears are not permitted. The program reserves the right to suspend a student or family from the program at any time for non-payment.

Any student or family that has a past due balance with the district (across all accounts) from current or previous years will not be permitted to attend/return to the program until the past due balance has been paid in full. Payment plans are available depending on the individual circumstance. Families with a consistent derogatory payment history may be ineligible for re-enrollment, at the discretion of the Program Director.


Families are charged for all days that a student has enrolled for (other than permanent changes to the attendance schedule). Due to staffing and operating costs, credits are not given for days absent, with or without advance-notice. The Program Director reserves the right to make an exception in cases of extreme emergency.

*Please note that credits will be applied to all accounts for days that a student is scheduled to attend when school is cancelled due to inclement weather or other declared emergency.


Closure time is strictly enforced. Families will be charged a late fee of $10 (per child) at the start of every 15-minute increment when students are picked up after 5:45 p.m. In addition to late fees, a verbal or written warning will be given after 3 occurrences. Any further occurrences may result in suspension or dismissal from the program.


A fee of $25.00 will be incurred for all returned checks. After the second occurrence, cash, money order, credit card or cashier’s check will be the only accepted forms of payment.


Separate registration is required for all vacation, early-release and professional development days; students are not automatically enrolled. Space is limited on special program days and slots are filled on a first-come, first-served basis, as long as prepayment is received. Sign-up forms will be made available to families as far in advance as possible and will be emailed home or can be picked up at each program location or downloaded from the school district website. The program will only open if there is a minimum of 10 students enrolled for each day. Payment for all early release or full program days attended is required in advance and all BSP & ASP accounts must be paid up-to-date in order to attend. Please note that breakfast is provied on full vacation days but lunch is NOT provided for any of these programs. Students must bring their own lunch.

Should you choose to unenroll your child from a special program day after payment has been received, a minimum of one week’s notice is required in order to receive a refund/credit for the day. This is to take into account the one-week sign-up deadline and allows us to open enrollment to the wait list. Additionally, this ensures that should the cancellation cause enrollment numbers to drop below the required minimum of 10 students, the program will still be able to operate for families who were notified that the program would be open. No credit shall be issued for absences.