The mission of the Spencer-East Brookfield Regional School District Induction and Mentoring Program is to help new teachers improve their practice, learn professional responsibilities and ultimately improve student learning. The program promotes professional growth in an atmosphere that is collegial and non-judgmental.


  • To provide new teachers with support, encouragement, and guidance from their mentors, other colleagues, principals, and district leaders.

  • To enhance mentees’ and mentors’ professional skills through peer coaching, selfreflection and professional development.

  • To review the Professional Standards for Teachers to ensure that the beginning teacher fully understands the professional knowledge and skills required of all teachers.

  • To provide curriculum planning/training and an Orientation Day prior to the beginning of school.

  • To familiarize new teachers with curricula, materials and professional development opportunities.

  • To ensure confidentiality between mentor and mentee.

  • To provide opportunities for new teachers to observe other excellent teachers in the district

  • To retain skilled, committed teachers who are dedicated to providing high quality instruction.

For more information and resources visit the Mentoring Program Information page of the Professional Development website.