AlphaBest Opening 2021


It was nice to meet several families Thursday night at the Wire Village Open House!  We are excited to start our program!

As you can imagine, our biggest challenge has been staffing.  This is an issue that is not unique to AlphaBEST, but a problem across the country in several industries.  Although we have hired some staff for our program, it is not enough to open this week.  We will open on Tuesday, September 7th at both schools.

We will begin approving enrollments over the next couple of days.  We have held off doing this because we need to maintain a 1:13 ratio and can not over enroll.  

We will be following up with further information about program structure, etc.  Thank you again for your patience during a challenging time!

Sandy Calandrella

Regional Director, MA & RI

AlphaBEST Educatoon