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SPENCER, MA. - On February 26, the Spencer Fire Department responded to an alarm at David Prouty High School. Upon arrival, they discovered steam and water damage in the B Building. This damage was caused by a burst pipe within a classroom’s uninvent system. Further investigation determined several more classrooms were affected on the first floor in the B Building. Heat and water were turned off in the building until the extent of the damage could be evaluated.

 Since Saturday, several attempts to repair the broken pipes have been made including repairs and installation of isolation valves in the classrooms affected by the damage. Unfortunately, each time the water was turned back on to pressurize the system, more damage was reported.

 The District has vendors on-site and we hope to have a better assessment of the situation, including a timeframe for more permanent repairs as soon as possible.

Today, the Superintendent of Schools contacted the Massachusetts Department of Elementary and Secondary Education seeking approval to pivot to remote learning. The Department granted the request temporarily.

Effective tomorrow, Thursday, March 3, David Prouty High School Students will begin remote learning until further notice.

 If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact my office. Thank you.

 Sincerely Yours,

 Paul S. Haughey, Ed.D.

Superintendent of Schools