Read Aloud 2022

SPENCER, MA - On June 9th, the ninth grade David Prouty High School Career & Technical Education (CTE) Marketing students went to Wire Village Elementary School to spend time with the second grade during recess.  Once inside, the CTE Marketing students got to read the stories they had written for the second-grade students. Everyone had a great time.

The Marketing students got their "customer profile" information when they interviewed the students at the SCATV station as was done two years ago when you visited us at the station, took photos, and wrote an article. COVID hit soon after that field trip.  As a result, the Marketing students were unable to complete the printed books and read them to the second-grade students at that time.

This year, the current freshmen class did their interviews at the station and designed 10-page stories with a moral to help each child with the social problem they identified in the interview. We then traveled to the Wire Village School where we were able to complete the second phase of the project this time. It was a rewarding experience for everyone, and it helped the entire project come full circle.

A video compilation of the original interviews is posted on the David Prouty High School website's Live Feed as well as on our Facebook page and YouTube channel. Another video of this recent visit showing the students enjoying recess together and reading the stories to the younger children will also be posted on the same public channels once completed. Spencer Cable Access aired the first video of the interviews already, and the Marketing students be sending him the video of Phase 2 once it is completed.