SPENCER, MA – The Spencer-East Brookfield Regional School District has a number of changes taking place in the coming school year. 

Principal Liz York will be leaving the district at the end of the school year, Superintendent of Schools Paul Haughey announced Tuesday.

Serving as the principal for David Prouty High School beginning July 1, will be the school’s assistant principal, Nathaniel Malone.

Mr. Malone began teaching for Leominster High School in 2007 as a special education teacher, working until 2014 as a lead teacher in the area of technology/online learning. 

He holds a master of education degree in leadership and administration (2014 conferred); and another master of education degree in moderate disabilities (2012 conferred) as well as a bachelor of science degree in English (2006 conferred); all three degrees awarded by Fitchburg State University. 

Also leaving the Spencer-East Brookfield Regional School District is Knox Trail Middle School Principal, Ralph Borseth.  Effective at the end of August, Mr. Borseth plans to retire and spend more time with his family and friends.  Taking his place will be Mrs. Gina Fasoli.  

Mrs. Fasoli has served as Assistant Principal for the Knox Trail Middle School for the past three years and will work throughout the summer months to prepare for taking over the principal role at Knox Trail Middle School. 

She holds a bachelor of science degree in English education (1995 conferred); master of education degree in health education (1997 conferred); and a certificate in advanced graduate studies in educational leadership (2009 conferred).  She is currently working on her doctoral dissertation in educational leadership. 

“We extend our heartfelt gratitude to Mr. York and Mr. Borseth; and wish them well in their future endeavors,” Haughey said. 

A search is underway to replace the two assistant principal positions as well as the Director of Student Services position, which has had an interim director in place since late April,” he added.

Haughey, who has overseen the regional school district since 2018 has no plans to retire and is excited by the possibilities for the district ‘s future.  “It is our goal to have all leadership team positions filled by the end of July - if not sooner,” Haughey said. “Summer is always a busy time of year; why should this year be any different.”