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Did you know?

All children between the ages of 6 and 16 who live in Massachusetts are required to attend school and are entitled to attend a public school free of charge. Most children attend school in the school district in which they live; however, parents may choose to enroll their children in public schools outside of their home district.

The Spencer-East Brookfield Regional School District (SEBRSD) is located in Central Massachusetts, with schools in both Spencer and East Brookfield. As a gateway community, we are excited to open our doors to those from surrounding communities that are seeking a new opportunity and welcome new students to our district through the School-Choice program. We are currently accepting applications for Preschool and Kindergarten through 12th grade.

Why choose SEBRSD?

At SEBRSD, the positive relationships between parents, students and teachers are the foundation of our learning environment and we encourage ongoing communication to ensure your child’s success. We constantly strive and are committed to creating an environment in which every student is supported to achieve the highest levels of success. Our educators are focused on the consistent individual growth of the students so that they are “college, career, and life ready!” Our District prides itself on providing and fostering a hybrid learning environment of both traditional and adaptive educational instruction and opportunities that seek to engage our students in “teaching and learning with purpose!” We provide an extensive network of caring and supportive staff. As well, we provide the resources needed to deliver outstanding educational instruction and opportunities for all of our students. In short, we nurture, encourage and challenge each student to reach their full potential by offering the resources and support needed in a diverse and ever-changing environment.

What do we offer?

The Spencer-East Brookfield Regional School District offers a high quality, early childhood through twelfth grade curriculum which is designed to:

  • focus on comprehensive literacy, content literacy and information literacy;
  • teach basic communication, cognitive, and computational skills;
  • promote mathematical and scientific awareness;
  • cultivate an awareness of history, geography, government, and the humanities as they relate to the past, present, and future;
  • foster creativity;
  • instill an appreciation for and proficiency in the arts;
  • develop occupational competency and the capacity and desire for lifelong learning;
  • encourage an understanding of multicultural values so that each and every student is college or career ready for the future;
  • personalize programs to support students with learning difficulties and students who are new to the English language.  

The curriculum is aligned to the Massachusetts Curriculum Frameworks and/or national standards. 

Our high school students are offered the following course levels: Standard College Prep (SC1, SC), Honors (H), and Advanced Placement (AP). We offer the College Board’s Advanced Placement Capstone Diploma Program to students preparing for admission to selective four-year colleges. The PACE program gives students with significant intellectual disabilities opportunities to develop academic, daily living, occupational, and interpersonal skills. David Prouty High School has a top-notch Athletics program (including football, basketball, baseball, softball, soccer, field hockey, golf, tennis, cross country, track & field, indoor track, and cheer) and other extra-curricular activities such as Marching Band, and many other clubs and groups that engage students outside of the classroom.

Vocational Technical Education Opportunities!

David Prouty High School has four vocational programs. In addition to our standard curriculum offerings, we are thrilled to share that students may elect to participate in our Criminal Justice, Early Education and Care, Environmental Science, and Marketing programs. These programs are designed to train students to earn a certificate in their chosen trade, and to prepare them either to enter the workforce directly out of high school, or to move on to higher education with certifications and credentials in their chosen field.

Give us a chance to show you!

We look forward to the opportunity to speak with families interested in joining the SEBRSD community. Please contact the District Registrar, Melissa Pervier, at 508-885-8515 ext. 1 or with any questions and let us explain what SEBRSD can do for your child.

For more information about the Spencer-East Brookfield Regional School District and to stay up-to-date on the latest happenings across the district, please visit the website at, follow us on Twitter and Facebook, and download the SEBRSD mobile app.