December 9, 2022

 Re: Elementary Schools Report Card Status

 Hello Parents, Families, and Guardians,

The Spencer – East Brookfield Regional School District has asked the East Brookfield Elementary and Wire Village School to suspend the distribution of report cards until the Term 2 reporting period. Schools are being asked to have both the Term 1 and Term 2 grades published on report cards when distributed after the close of Term 2 grades, March 18, 2023.

The Wire Village  and East Brookfield Elementary Schools have been working to update their report card system to keep pace with the changing technology and academic landscapes. Over the summer, the schools’ student information system, PowerSchool, retired the grade book system the elementary schools used in the past. The elementary schools were required to transition to PowerSchool’s PowerTeacher Pro Standards-based gradebook system.

Entering into the Term 1 grade reporting period these past few weeks it has become apparent that the elementary schools’ new PowerTeacher Pro grade reporting system is not yet functioning for the elementary schools to accurately publish student report cards. Teachers have been tracking student performance throughout the year but the report card publishing system still needs a few more weeks of development before it can be used with confidence to print report cards.

As always, we encourage all parents and guardians interested in discussing their child’s classroom performance to contact their child’s teacher. All teachers are fully prepared to communicate each child’s current performance level at any time in the school year and to discuss partnerships with parents to best realize each child's growth.

We apologize for any inconveniences this technology transition may cause. Inquiries requesting more details regarding this issue can be directed by phone to the district’s Office of Academic Affairs (508-885-8500 x3) or by email to (

Best Regards,

Paul S. Haughey, Ed.D.

Superintendent of Schools

Spencer-East Brookfield Regional School District