SEBRSD & Siemens 2022 Report

SPENCER, MA - Recently, the Spencer-East Brookfield Regional School District received its Annual Performance Assurance Report for 2022 and learned that it had saved $203,146 during the first period of its Energy Management Services Agreement with Siemens Smart Infrastructure. These savings exceeded initial estimates.  The savings of $203,146 consists of 1,738,449 kWh of electric energy, and 231,307 gallons of fuel oil savings. These energy savings are equivalent to carbon emissions reductions of 675 metric tons of CO2, or as much CO2 and 146 passenger cars produce in a year. The district is maintaining communication with Siemens Smart Infrastructure to maintain these energy savings through the life of this Energy Management Services Agreement.  To learn more about this important energy management program and the savings realized by the Spencer-East Brookfield Regional School District with Siemens Smart Infrastruture, click here for the 2022 Annual Performance Assurance Report.