Glow Run

Wire Village families!

We’ve worked hard! We’ve faced challenges!

We’ve collected pledges!  We’ve met our goals!  

WE RAISED OVER $32,000- more than we have ever raised the day before a fun run!!!


it’s time to celebrate all of our success in the…


Friday, February 3rd!

Wear your sneakers and  

don’t forget your team color!

Each student may invite 2 guests to attend the Glow Run in the Wire Village Gym!

Times are as follows:

Kindergarten: 12:15-1:15   (Kindergartners wear red!)

1st Grade: 1:15-2:15           (1st graders wear green!)

2nd Grade: 9:45-10:45      (2nd graders wear blue!)

3rd Grade: 10:45-11:45      (3 graders wear yellow!)

4th Grade: 8:45-9:45        (4th graders wear orange!)

We have also reached 75% of the school registered on and have earned a school-wide PJ day for Monday, February 6th!

If you have not seen the progress of this year’s Boosterthon make sure to check out the PAWS - Parents of Wire Village School Facebook page!

*If you have new or gently used shoes to donate, make sure to drop them in the designated boxes while at the Glow Run!*

Thank you for all of your support in making this year’s Boosterthon fundraiser a historical success!